"Kate's knowledge, intuitive approach

and ongoing support have proved

crucial in helping me through a

very difficult period of my life."

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Kate Edwards

BACP Accredited Therapist


1 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QD

With over twenty year’s experience working as a holistic health therapist, specialising in treating stress and anxiety, I became increasingly interested in how this manifests in the mind and body...

NeuroAffective Touch

What happens when there are few words to describe how you feel in

therapy, yet you feel stuck, unable to express and identify your needs and struggle to self regulate?


NeuroAffective Touch is a somatic approach that addresses early emotional and attachment deficits through a collaborative partnership with the mind and body.


NeuroAffective Touch integrates both psychodynamic psychotherapy and the therapeutic use of touch and bodywork in order to help heal early developmental trauma. 

It addresses early emotional and attachment deficits.


Don’t be fooled by how well turned out and by what a great achiever the codependent may seem to be.


Inside there can be a deep sense of inadequacy and uncertainty about who they really are.


"I have had therapy before, but usually been so overwhelmed by the feelings that come up for me... 

It has been different with Kate because the overwhelming feelings are exactly what we work with."


Let’s face it, addiction causes chaos, it can wreck your relationships,

and take over your life.


Who wouldn’t want to be restored back to sanity and take back control of their life?


Does everyday feel like a whirlwind of action?

Deadlines, meetings, 

running around,

eating on the go? 

It’s time to get your life back on track and take care of yourself, body, mind and spirit.