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Kate Edwards

BACP Accredited Therapist


With over twenty year’s experience working as a holistic health therapist, specialising in treating stress and anxiety, I became increasingly interested in how this manifests in the mind and body.

I gained a diploma in Integrative Counselling and while working as a Counsellor for ODAAT, an all male drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, I recognised the deep impact of Trauma on people’s lives. I was then mentored by an experienced therapist in this field, who introduced me to the work of Pia Mellody, a pioneer in Co-Dependency and Trauma therapy, and I trained with her in America.

In addition I have trained as a Sex addiction therapist in order that I can treat a whole range of issues that often overlap - love addiction & avoidance, sex addiction & codependency.


The most significant influence on how I work with trauma has been through working with the body. Somatic experiencing is a fantastic method for releasing unresolved trauma energy trapped in the body. I teach tools to help you self regulate and self soothe, drawing on your own and inner outer resources.

Training & Qualifications

Behind my experience...

  • Diploma in therapeutic Counselling

  • Accredited therapist with the BACP

  • NeuroAffective Touch (NAT) qualified

  • Post Induction Therapist (PIT) trained - Pia Mellody (Co-dependency, Love addiction/avoidance)

  • Somatic Experiencing Practioner (SEP) - (Trauma treatment/PTSD)

  • Integral Somatic Psychotherapist (ISP) (Embodiment based treatment)

  • Certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT) - Patrick Carnes (not the trainer)

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