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"Your gentle warm and loving presence made me feel at ease, safe and secure. Thank you for being empathic & compassionate. I rarely experience attunement like that. You made me feel seen and like being matters. Thank you for noticing my intellectual interest and taking time to explore the “how “and  “why” behind some of the explanations. You not only helped me feel further seen by doing so, you also made it more exciting and insightful for me. And in doing so, better able to help myself. Thank you for caring as much as you do. I feel gifted to have met you." (from a client receiving NeuroAffective Touch therapy)

"Kate is a very compassionate and skilled therapist. I feel safe with Kate and able to practice my agency, boundaries and needs.  I particularly wanted to work with some with a somatic and NARM background and Kate has delivered on both these sides. Almost a year in, I can see so much progress in myself. I feel more skilled and able to navigate difficult things from personal to professional issues. People close to me have also noted the change in me and how much more confident and self assured I am in a way that is really positive for me and my relationships. I’m grateful to be working with Kate and would recommend her to anyone, especially those working with Complex PTSD and early developmental trauma, without hesitation." (from a client receiving NeuroAffective Touch therapy)

"Kate is very kind but I do feel she will not be easily offended or shocked by someone’s life and actions. She is authentic and she is passionate about her work. She has been truly dedicated to our work together and I would have no hesitation to recommend her to anyone, whatever they feel has brought them to therapy."

"I came to see Kate specifically to work with somatic Experiencing. I found her to be wonderful at listening, direct and pragmatic, but also incredibly gentle, intuitive and insightful. From the very first session, Kate gave me new tools with which to work on my childhood trauma. I looked forward to the work we did together each week, but importantly for me, these tools quickly helped me to better navigate my world, once I’d left the safety of her treatment room."

"Having witnessed in person a traumatic event and then having to cope with the ongoing consequences I developed PTSD. Initially, I attended sessions with a psychotherapist that helped me to come to terms with the event. However, the effects of PTSD became debilitating and realising that specialist trauma knowledge was needed I found Kate via two respected therapists.

Kate calmly listened and understood my issues. Through somatic experiencing my physical and mental state gradually improved. She was then able to help me to recognise the disabling symptoms associated with PTSD and provide practical methods to help manage it. Her knowledge, intuitive approach and ongoing support have proved crucial in helping me through a very difficult period of my life."

"I sought Kate’s help with issues relating to childhood abandonment and repeating negative patterns in relationships. She worked with me on healing the void I felt within. Through our inner-child work, I can honestly say for the first time in my adult life I felt this enormous sense of freedom and wholeness. I’m a different person today. Thank you Kate."

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